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Cardiovascular friendly natural products: a promising approach in the management of CVD


Natural products play an important role as nutritional supplements and provide potential health benefits in cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Compiling data from experimental, epidemiological and clinical studies indicates that dietary nutrients have profound cardioprotective effects in the primary as well as secondary prevention of coronary heart disease, hence they are considered as cardiovascular friendly natural products. The mechanism of cardioprotection produced by dietary nutritional supplements such as flavonoids (citrus fruits, pulses, red wine, tea and cocoa), olive oil, omega-3 (omega-3) fatty acids (fish oil and fish-based products), lycopene (tomato and tomato-based products), resveratrol (grapes and red wine), coffee, and soy in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disorders have been discussed in the present review, with the emphasis of epidemiological and clinical studies. Based on the intriguing results of various studies, prophylactic and therapeutic potential of cardiovascular friendly natural products have been suggested. The supplementation of cardiovascular friendly natural products needs to be considered in all populations who have high prevalence of CVD.

Comentarios divulgativos:

 Los productos naturales juegan un papel muy importante en proveer beneficios en enfermedades cardiovasculares. Los datos obtenidos de estudios experimentales, clínicos y epidemiológicos indican que los nutrientes pueden tener efectos cardioprotectivos tanto en la prevención primaria como secundaria. En esta revisión se discuten la prevención y el tratamiento de las enfermedades cardiovasculares con especial énfasis en los estudios epidemiológicos y clínicos.