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Resveratrol prevents age-related memory and mood dysfunction with increased hippocampal neurogenesis and microvasculature, and reduced glial activation


 Greatly waned neurogenesis, diminished microvasculature, astrocyte hypertrophy and activated microglia are among the most conspicuous structural changes in the aged hippocampus. Because these alterations can contribute to age-related memory and mood impairments, strategies efficacious for mitigating these changes may preserve cognitive and mood function in old age. Resveratrol, a phytoalexin found in the skin of red grapes having angiogenic and antiinflammatory properties, appears ideal for easing these age-related changes. Hence, we examined the efficacy of resveratrol for counteracting age-related memory and mood impairments and the associated detrimental changes in the hippocampus. Two groups of male F344 rats in late middle-age having similar learning and memory abilities were chosen and treated with resveratrol or vehicle for four weeks. Analyses at ~25 months of age uncovered improved learning, memory and mood function in resveratrol-treated animals but impairments in vehicle-treated animals. Resveratrol-treated animals also displayed increased net neurogenesis and microvasculature, and diminished astrocyte hypertrophy and microglial activation in the hippocampus. These results provide novel evidence that resveratrol treatment in late middle age is efficacious for improving memory and mood function in old age. Modulation of the hippocampus plasticity and suppression of chronic low-level inflammation appear to underlie the functional benefits mediated by resveratrol.

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Alteraciones relacionadas con la edad en las estructuras del cerebro pueden contribuir a deficiencias en la memoria y estado de ánimo, por lo que se deben de encontrar estrategias eficaces para mitigar estos cambios para preservar la función cognitiva en la vejez. El resveratrol, a través de sus propiedades anti-inflamatorias y cardiovasuclares, aparece poder aliviar estos efectos negativos. Este estudio examinó los efectos en dos grupos de ratas masculinos de edad media con habilidades de aprendizaje y memoria similares. Aquellos tratados con resveratrol mostraron efectos positivos, proporcionando evidencia de que el tratamiento con resveratrol en sujetos de edad media puede mejorar la memoria y la función del estado de ánimo. 

Age-related alterations in brain structures can contribute to memory and mood impairments, which is why efficient strategies should be found to mitigate these changes to preserve cognitive and mood function in old age. Resveratrol, through its anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular properties, appears to ease these effects. This study examined these effects in two groups of male rats in late middle-age having similar learning and memory abilities. Those treated with resveratrol displayed positive effects, providing evidence that resveratrol treatment in late middle age can in fact improve memory and mood function.