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Improvements in skeletal muscle strength and cardiac function induced by resveratrol during exercise training contribute to enhanced exercise performance in rats


Exercise training (ET) improves endurance capacity by increasing both skeletal muscle mitochondrial number and function, as well as contributing to favourable cardiac remodelling.Interestingly, some of the benefits of regular exercise can also be mimicked by the naturally occurring polyphenol,resveratrol (RESV). However, it is not known whether RESV enhances physiological adaptations to ET. To investigate this, male Wistar rats were randomly assigned to a control chow diet or a chow diet that contained RESV (4 g kg⁻¹ of diet) and subsequently subjected to a programme of progressive treadmill running for 12 weeks. ET-induced improvements in exercise performance were enhanced by 21% (P <0.001) by the addition of RESV to the diet. In soleus muscle, ET+RESV increased both the twitch (1.8-fold; P <0.05) and tetanic(1.2-fold; P <0.05) forces generated during isometric contraction, compared to ET alone. In vivo echocardiography demonstrated that ET+RESV also increased the resting left ventricular ejection fraction by 10% (P <0.05), and reduced left ventricular wall stress compared to ET alone.These functional changes were accompanied by increased cardiac fatty acid oxidation (1.2-fold;P <0.05) and favourable changes in cardiac gene expression and signal transduction pathways that optimized the utilization of fatty acids in ET+RESV compared to ET alone. Overall, our findings provide evidence that the capacity for fatty acid oxidation is augmented by the addition of RESV to the diet during ET, and that this may contribute to the improved physical performance of ratsfollowing ET. 

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La práctica de actividad física mejora la capacidad de resistencia al aumentar la función del músculo, así como contribuye favorablemente a la remodelación cardiaca. Curiosamente algunos de los beneficios de la actividad física regular también pueden ser proporcionados por el resveratrol. Este estudio encontró evidencia de que la capacidad de oxidación de los ácidos grasos se incrementa cuando el resveratrol es añadido a la dieta, juntamente con la actividad física y puede contribuir a mejorar el rendimiento físico en ratas. 

Exercise training improves endurance capacity by increasing skeletal muscle function as well as contributing favourably to cardiac remodelling. Interestingly some of the benefits of regular physical activity can also be provided by resveratrol. This study found evidence that the capacity for fatty acid oxidation is increased when resveratrol is added to the diet along with physical activity and may contribute to improved physical performance in rats.